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I AM a Jealous GOD

7 Nov

I AM a Jealous GOD


 During the 2012 Republican primaries, Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer remarked “Speaker (Newt) Gingrich is obviously the most intelligent and qualified candidate we have . . .” Now Mr. Krauthammer’s words were not spoken idly.  Gingrich had been a member of the Reagan staff that so ingeniously crafted a platform that led America back from the disastrous economic and foreign affair policies of the Carter administration.  He had been the architect of the “Contract with America” platform that rebuilt America’s infrastructure and brought us back after the equally disastrous first two years of the Clinton administration.  And even more, Gingrich had demonstrated during the primaries that he was far more knowledgeable than his competitors and also not hesitant to take on the liberal media.

“. . . however”, Krauthammer continued “he is not going to be the President because he has too much baggage.  The Evangelical crowd cannot be expected to accept a candidate who had had an illegitimate affair.”  (Ever hear of King David, Charlie?”)  Indeed Newt did have an affair during his days as Speaker of the House; one which he readily acknowledges, which led to his disgrace, his resignation and one which preceded his repentance and personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

But Krauthammer was correct; the Evangelical community did not ultimately accept Newt’s affair nor his repentance.  On the first night of the primary debates, the CNN commentator began by asking Newt about a statement his ex-wife had made about him.  (Just why the Republican Party feels obligated to allow the liberal anti-Republican CNN to control the tempo of their primaries is beyond my understanding.  Ever hear of Fox News guys?)  And still later on, other candidates were given opportunity to compare their own marital commitment favorably to Newt’s indiscretion.  Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum all spoke (or boasted) of having never had an affair and of how seriously they took their own marital relationships while Newt was left in the same position as the woman caught in the act of adultery who the religious leaders wanted to have stoned (John chapter 8).  Throughout the primaries and even after, columnist Ann Coulter would turn her nose up and roll her eyeballs every time Newt’s name was mentioned.  It doesn’t seem to have ever occurred to any of these people that the Christian Gospel is a gospel of the second chance.  Can anyone of us claim to be without sin?  If so please let he or she step forward to cast the first stone.   

Ultimately the nomination would go to Romney; a Mormon whose pure public image seemed most acceptable to voters.  That is provided they didn’t dig too deeply into Mormonism.  Indeed most Americans and even most Christians don’t even know what a Mormon is.  The presumption is that it is simply another denomination with its own distinctions much like those between Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, etc.

Most Christians are unaware that Mormonism is actually a pagan religion akin to witchcraft who’s founder Joseph Smith was a plagiarist, a con-artist, an adulterer, a rapist, a child molester and a megalomaniac  who foresaw himself as one day becoming a god with his own planet to govern over.  In the early 1800’s, Smith announced his candidacy for United States President and followed that up with a prophecy in which a white horse appeared before him and the announcement came that one day that the U. S. constitution would be hanging by a thread and would be rescued by a Mormon leader who would then transform America into a Latter Day Saints (LDS) theocracy.  He was undoubtedly talking about himself but this prophecy went unfulfilled when Smith lost the election handily.  Today many prominent Mormons have often pondered the thought that perhaps they are to be the fulfillment of that Great White Horse Prophecy.  And not the least of them is Mitt Romney.  In fact Romney so strongly pondered it that he confided in his classmates at Brigham Young University that he aspired to one day be President.  This led to the constant shouts of “White Horse!” when he would be seen walking across campus. 

So like Joseph Smith, Mitt, who ultimately became a High Priest in the Mormon movement, aspired to first be President and then to be a god; all of this in an organization which labels itself “Christian” while adhering to decidedly un-Christian teachings.  For example Christians believe in one God – Mormons believe in many.  Christians believe in salvation by grace – Mormons believe in salvation by works.  Christians believe God is eternal and all powerful – Mormons believe He is a spaceman from the planet Kolob.  Christians believe Jesus was born of a virgin – Mormons believe He was the product of an adulterous affair between Mary and a spaceman named Elohim.  Christians believe Jesus was God incarnate – Mormons believe He was just a man with His own sinful thoughts and certainly inferior to Joseph Smith.   For further information on Mormonism, see .     

During his lifetime, Joseph Smith had experimented with a crystal ball, used occult peep stones in his supposed translation of the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine & Covenants.  Today the Mormon movement requires the wearing of magical underwear to ward off evil spirits, the taking of blood oaths under which anyone revealing secret teachings from within the temple is to have their throat sliced and a number of other occult practices in addition to the claim that men can become gods. 

Smith himself was arrested in Navou, Illinois for having molested several of the local farmers’ daughters and placed in jail.  However he somehow managed to smuggle a gun into the cell and, when the local farmers staged a protest outside the jailhouse, Smith fired two shots through the door; killing two of them.  The farmers then broke down the door, a scuffle ensued and Smith himself was killed.  With his Mormon followers having to flee Navou, Brigham young took charge of the sect and promptly placed instructions on his followers to kill non-Mormons as retribution and atonement for the killing of Joseph Smith. That charge has been carried out a number of times; ranging from the Mountain Meadows Massacre in which more than 130 innocent settlers were slain in cold blood to the recent killing of several BYU students; the leader of whom had presented research verifying  that Joseph Smith had edited his official claim of having been visited by the angel Moroni several times.  Previously Smith had said the angel was named Nephi and prior to that it was not and angel at all but rather a talking salamander.                                      

Now it needs to be pointed out that these are the exact teachings which Mitt Romney and his fellow Mormon leaders espouse to: magical underwear, blood oaths, blood atonements, etc.  However, with Newt having been cast out and when it was deemed that Mitt would be the only remaining candidate capable of defeating Barak Obama, Christians by the thousands began to reconsider their designation of Mormonism as a cult.  Here was someone who was openly pro-life and against the socialist of Obama.  Sadly most Christians seemed to overlook the fact that Romney was all these things when running for Governor of Massachusetts and, almost immediately after taking the oath of office, began to espouse the opposite views.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, himself an ordained minister and former Presidential candidate, said that he would have no problem with Mitt’s religion and openly used the term “Church” to describe Mormonism.  Thousands of others followed suit and Mormonism seemed to be achieving its long desired goal of being labeled as a legitimate Christian denomination and seeing Joseph Smith’s failed White Horse Prophecy finally come to pass.  Even Rev. Billy Graham, long known for never making his political views public, broke tradition and endorsed Romney; even to the point of removing the designation of Mormonism as a cult from the Graham web site.

I privately wondered how God must feel about all of this.  I mean He describes Himself as a jealous God not willing to share the glory with another.  Yet here was the most powerful and influential nation on earth, founded on Christian principles yet openly ready to elect a man who aspires to be a god himself and placing the true God on the same level as the fictional Buzz Lightyear (“To infinity and beyond !!!”).  I remembered how ancient Israel had declined when they embraced pagan kings such as Ahab and Zedekiah.  A Romney election would no doubt open the way for pagan priests to take control of the National Cathedral and bring in their peep stones, blood oaths, etc.  A woman I know informed me that she was now considering joining the “Mormon Church” at the time of Romney’s inauguration.  And I wondered, if Romney is indeed elected, will the Shekinah glory fade and we be reduced to Icabod?      

The primary debates started off well for Romney.  Even his sharpest critics admitted that he trounced Obama in the first debate.  The second was a bit more even and, with his lead in the polls as much as 7%, Romney seemed comfortable coasting through the third one and never even bothered to bring up the sensitive subject of Obama’s negligence in labeling the Bengazi attacks as terrorism or even more, when it was learned that Obama was able to watch the attacks live in the Oval Office with armed drones and soldiers in the area of Bengazi and yet never authorized a response.  Romney’s election seemed almost certain.

But then came Hurricane Sandi; perhaps the most devastating storm ever to hit the eastern seaboard.  Now I am not comfortable labeling natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados as ‘acts of God’ (why not “acts of the devil’?).  This particularly when the fierce winds tore a young woman’s two and four year old sons out of her arms and carried them away; not to be found until four days later when their lifeless bodies were located on the shores of New York harbor.  But I do know that God allows certain things to happen and then uses them to achieve his purpose.  And Sandi well seems to be what changed the direction of the 2012 Presidential election.                                 

This gave President Obama the opportunity to show himself in a way in which he had struggled during the 4 years past – as Presidential.  With the east coast devastated, the president showed unheard of leadership and compassion.  Call it just show if you like but either way he was able to give both moral and physical support to an area in extreme need.  And this included reaching across the isle to Republican Governor Chris Christy who could only express gratitude both before and after.  Meanwhile Romney’s acceleration in the polls was stifled.  He was reduced to a bystander and rarely even mentioned on the nightly news.  It is estimated that this event accounted for a 9% change in both directions during the election process.  And Romney, seen as a likely winner beforehand, was soundly defeated early on the evening of November 6th

So where are we now?  Well I think the United States will just have to suffer the ill effects of Obama’s socialism for at least two more years.  Likely the Republicans will gain control of the Senate in 2014 and put a stop to his ideological lunacy.  In 2016, if we are better prepared to act like Christians, we may see an economic boon.  The United States has an abundance of oil far larger than that of Saudi Arabia or Iran.  But presently Obama is reluctant to open the fields for fear of angering the environmentalist loons who helped elect him.  So prosperity may indeed be ahead.  But in the meantime, lets concentrate on honoring God Himself.  After all, he is a jealous God and far greater and more worthy than anything the minds of men could create.         


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